Thursday, March 19, 2015

Black Fathers Betrayed

I just found an organization in St. Louis called Fathers Support Center, or FSC.  Pic and text from their website:

We’re problem solvers.

We impact our cause for children, and the challenge we address every day is the problem of absentee and non-involved fathers. For the children of these fathers, life is difficult and the prospects for a productive life in the future are not bright.
Sounds good, right? 

They are addressing some of the biggest crimes against humanity - the destruction of the American black family and the replacement of the black father with a government check.  The solution to these problems must come from within the black community, and the Father Support Center seems like a good start.

But then I saw their twitter account, via GP:

Yep.  An organization that claims to help black fathers is posting the schedule for this week's Ferguson protests. 

My questions:
Should "absentee and non-involved fathers" be attending Ferguson protests?

Should an organization dedicated to helping "absentee and non-involved fathers" be encouraging its members to attend Ferguson protests?
Of course not.

Protests Riots are scheduled again this weekend despite the sniping of two police officers a week ago today in Ferguson.  In fact, this weekend is too far away so the Ferguson Bolsheviks are starting tomorrow (Friday). 

You may see my three comments below as opinion.  I see them as fact:
People who go to these anti-police "marches," and who support these events, are not parent material. 

Community organizations like FSC who promote civil unrest are not promoting community.

There are great people trying to reverse the destruction of the black family.  The community organizers in the Fathers Support Center in St. Louis are not among them.
Last week's shooter is Jeffrey Williams, age 20 and a high school dropout.  He's the absentee and non-involved father of this two year old boy:

A question for the FSC Board of Directors (Jonathan Dobson, Jefferson Miller, Deborah C. Smith, Ray Hemann, Kirksy Williams, and Doris Stoehner):
Why do you insist on setting such low standards for behavior?

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Robert What? said...

I recognized that sign as a typical, totally disingenuous, SJW feel good thing. They have no intention of fixing the problems because they refuse to acknowledge what the problems are.