Thursday, March 19, 2015

WomanCrossDMZ: What Could Go Wrong?

WZ reports that some feminist liberals progressives communists plan to walk across the Korean DMZ this May.  From the Free South, into the Communist North. 

They want to bring an end to the Korean War.

Things that could go wrong:
1) The volunteers conveniently sleep in,
2) A volunteer or two step on land mines,
3) The group is hacked to death by North Koreans,
4) The group is "welcomed home" and asked to stay in the North.
I've always wished the people complaining about injustices would try their protests in the countries where real human rights violations were taking place.  It always seemed they preferred whining in places where the police generally refrained from shooting protesters. is finally granting my wish.  I trust they will follow through with this plan even if they cannot get one or both governments to agree to a symbolic step-over, step-back crossing.  A noble and just cause like bringing an end to the Korean War is worth all costs, right?

North Korean feminists:

May I suggest a topic for Gloria Steimem, Medea Benjamin, Mairead Maguire and the other feminists as they take their walk?
Which country keeps the Korean War alive, and what ideology is blocking a full peace treaty and reunification?
May 24th.  Add it to your calendar!

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David said...

"Things that could go wrong"...the Norks keep Gloria Steinem? I call that a win.