Sunday, December 16, 2012

Big News from DPRK

An Ushanka Exclusive!  None of the leading tech blogs have picked up on the entrepreneurial accomplishments and innovation in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Below is 8 minutes of previously unseen video from deep inside North Korea's computer and tablet clone factory.  This video would represent a major breech of corporate security and likely a great loss of trade secrets anywhere else in the world.  But Supreme Leader Un is a man of the people, selflessly sharing the manufacturing secrets for all N. Korean exports including missiles, nuclear warheads, counterfeit currencies and now computers.

We'd expect our dear leader to validate these advances.  He'd say something like, "Communism is back from the brink," or "Communism has turned the corner," or "Supreme Leader Un has inherited a difficult situation."

We think we're looking at a new and improved North Korea here.  Don't you?  Just last week they celebrated Human Rights Day and launched a peaceful weather satelite into orbit.  Exactly what has the US done this past month??

Imagine North Korea's potential if they started to feed their people.

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