Monday, December 03, 2012

Monday Afternoon Cigar

Seventy degrees in December!  That calls for a Rocky Patel Edge (Blue Label) and another chapter in Bloodlands.

Today's chapter was about the Germans being pushed out of Warsaw.  Knowing they were going to lose the war, all order was thrown to the wind.  Rape and murder shifted into hyper-drive, and all Poles became the targets rather than just the Jews.  Thousands, who thought the end of the war meant an end to their suffering, were shot.  So many the Germans had to pause in their killing to wait for a re-supply of bullets.

Europeans had two choices in the first half of the last century: Fascism or Communism.  Anybody who thought liberty and capitalism were worthy options either cowered or were pushed out of the debate.  It is a great lesson on how evil people who want to control YOUR life frame the discussion to benefit their ascent, and how weak people who could influence the direction of their country shrink at the first sign of conflict.  

Remember this comrades when you hear now that we have two options: mild socialism or full socialism.  That is the debate we having today.

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