Friday, November 30, 2012

Movie Recommendation

Comrade and hat owner Becca from Lower The Boom recommended the documentary Occupy Unmasked to us over a frosty frappuccino yesterday.

An excellent collection of Occupy civil unrest video combined with real investigative reporting by the late Andrew Breitbart and others. They confirm the significant behind-the-scenes planning and organization that made this movement possible.  They show the hard-core communists (aka community organizers) who lead and organize from the shadows, and the various groups of agitators and useful idiots who give the movement its numbers.

Some of the video is of the anarchists in their black outfits and covered faces.  It shows them doing violent things to windows of banks and other evil businesses.  This is some good, menacing video, but we'd make the following suggestions from our experience with these sub-creatures. 

The anarchists are society's losers who come out of their moms' basements when summoned by their communist chiefs.  What is sometimes visible in the video is how much protection these worthless individuals had during their Occupy temper-tantrum.  Police and bank security were told to let these losers do their damage, and in effect escorted and protected the organized vandalism.  Had the Oakland Occupy march ventured onto a Korean grocer's property, assuming there are any Koreans who would still do business in that filthy city, the anarchists would have a different reputation today.

They only protest where they will be protected.

Communists are masters of propaganda because they never have much of a following.  Only 1200 dedicated Bolsheviks were necessary to seize control of Russia in 1917.  It isn't about numbers, it is about chaos as a means.

U/T: LowerTheBoom

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Anonymous said...

Because of course the Black Bloc was "behind" Occupy, as opposed to taking advantage of the trusting attitudes present.