Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Questions for Petraeus

Questions from this former Army Reserve officer:

1) General, how many officers careers did you end over extra-marital affairs during your career?

2) General, how quickly did you move as an Army Officer when a possible security breach was discovered?

3) Director, was there any moment in the seven hours while watching the attack on our ambassador that you felt the impulse to use your authority to send help?

Cause values matter.  Cause our nation's secrets deserve the greatest diligence.  Cause leadership matters.

That flushing sound you hear is the career of Gen Petraeus.  He's not even worthy enough to leave a comment on this blog.

And more!  Krauthammer makes the case that Petraeus was planning on the administration to sweep this gross failure in judgement under the rug.

U/T: Knowledge is Power

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