Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You Voted For Change

Today's Changes to Ushanka's Left Navigation Bar:

1) Labels

We added "Libertarians".  WARNING: Don't click this if you just smoked dope and voted for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson.

2) Campaigns

We updated with our 2012 campaign activities and our Current efforts.  We'll be adding a MSM video link shortly.

3) Library

We added the book, Bloodlands.  We are only half way through this book, but it is obviously a winner and deserves to be listed in our Library.  Don't read if you are Polish, have a friend who is a Pole, or if you dislike mass slaughter of innocents in the millions.  But it is OK to read if you appreciate the lessons one can get from knowing history.

4) Blogroll updates

We dumped Gary Johnson voters Weer'd World and Walls of the City

We added Captain Capitalism.

We added Lower the Boom.  We met the brains behind this Ohio blog earlier today.  Here is her post.  Here is our comrade with her new Commie Obama ushanka hat:

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