Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Party of Gold

Which political party best influences the price of gold?

Zerohedge explains:

The answer is self-evident: of the $4000 inflation-adjusted increase in gold price since gold was floated by Nixon, a solid $3000, or 75% of this rise, has taken place under Democratic administrations. So dear gold bugs: stock pile that physical and cheer on Obama and hopefully his democratic successors. At this rate, gold (and ostensibly all other precious metals) will outperform every single asset class known to man (sorry Buffett).

UPDATED 11.20:

Bloomberg reports George Soros has up'd his gold holdings by 49% this year in order to profit from the re-election of his political puppet. (Sorry - one video size fits all at Bloomberg.)

Is it too late to invest??  Glenn Beck was saying "Buy Gold" back at $1200 an ounce....

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