Saturday, November 03, 2012

Two Pre-Election Lists


Someone created a Twitter account (#SaySomethingNiceAboutObama) asking others to say something positive about our dear leader.  The right-wingers took over from there:

Obama has done more to grow and energize the conservative republican party. Thanks for energizing us!!

He turned me into a republican

He brings out the crazy in Chris Matthews

He has forced CONSERVATIVES to bind together and unite, and agree on what makes America great: God, family, USA

He never ate a cat.

Under President Obama it takes me far less time to put $20 of gas in my car.

I can now trade my foodstamps for crack over my Obamaphone.

See them all - here.  U/T: Glenn.


We have some fun Facebook friends.  Here are some of their suggested movie titles for a Benghazi documentary:

The Good, the Bad, the Inept

They Were Expendable

Saying Biden's Privates

What did you do in the war, Barry?

The Yellow Stripe of Cowards

Snores of Tripoli

One Flew Over the Cowards Nest

Four Hours Over Benghazi

Lack of Valor

3 Commies and a Little Socialist

Sleeping in Washington

Guns were never on

12 OCLOCK We're High

Too Few Good Men

The Thin Red Lie



Sleeping With The Enemy Attacking

The Devil Reads Pravda

A Fistful Of Stimulus Dollars

Queer And Present Danger

Dial BO For Murder

When Fools (Let Muzzies) Rush In

Campaign Death Of A Green Energy Salesman

Stand Down!

Barack Obama: Ambassador Slayer

The Dirty Dozing

Fool Mental Jackass

The Thin Red Swine

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