Monday, December 03, 2012

Darth Vader Gets 3%

One of the Paulbots on Facebook didn't get the memo.

He posted this image today, to the adulation of other Paulbots who didn't get the memo.

Here is a Republican candidate who couldn't attract more than 3% of the vote during the primary.   In primary terms, this is called "failure."  So we infer from the message in the image above that Ron Paul will return in 2016 and get over 3% of the vote.

Let us make a prediction: Ron Paul will still be blown out of the primary for his flaccid foreign policy views and value-less drug-legalization views.  Or maybe the electorate will just look at him and conclude he's better suited for a retirement home.

"End the Fed" is a great idea.  Let's find an activist conservative to run with it.  Someone who can win.

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