Thursday, December 27, 2012

Guns: The Lost Narrative

Oh what a difference a week makes!

Remember way back when?  A loon stole some guns and shot and killed 27 people, including 20 children.  A major tragedy that should have sparked a national conversation about mental health, but instead sparked a circus.

America's Liberals Progressives Communists jumped into high gear and demanded that all Americans disarm.  Well, not exactly.  But that is the end goal, and that was the narrative.

Today, those ancient demands are long lost on the battlefield with their ideological foes: the gun culture.

Important Safety Tip: Crossing America's gun culture is like crossing the streams.  "It would be bad."

We've been laughing ourselves silly this past week.  Like ushanka-wearing crabs in a bucket, libs are all over themselves in chasing the disarmament spotlight. 

Their crab-like behavior has exposed their flaws and changed the narrative forever.

Like we predicted, "The discussion, for only those who are paying attention, will boil down to three words: Gun Free Zone."

NBC Meet the Press host David Gregory has joined the bitter clingers.  He is now facing stupid charges based on stupid laws after he brandished an empty AR-15 magazine on his DC show.

Welcome to the club, David.

David, now you know the oppression America's gun owners feel as they try to comply with numerous overlapping irrational gun-control laws - laws that were created to supposedly stop criminals from using guns - criminals who never obeyed the laws and never will.

We join the calls for David to be charged to the full extent of the law, just as he would demand of us.

Because the dirty little secret about gun control is, the laws ARE meant for the law abiding.  Gun control is only about "control."  Until the shot was heard 'round the world at the North Bridge outside Concord, those were law-abiding citizens too.  But they said "no" to more gun control that day so that we could say "no" today.

And by the way, EVERY rifle on April 19, 1775 WAS an 'assault rifle.'

NBC and David Gregory changed the narrative.

If that isn't enough, a British citizen - not unlike those at the North Bridge - is demanding that Americans turn in their firearms.  "Why do you need an assault rifle?" he yells into the gun culture's sound-proof wind tunnel.  Apparently CNN is still on the air, and their British gun-grabber is a discredited journalist named Piers Morgan.

If a CNN host calls for gun control, but nobody is watching, does he make a sound?

There is a petition asking that Peirs be deported from US soil as he is violating his immigration promise to respect our Constitution.  it is gaining steam.  We were #75,890. 

Click here to sign the petition - now at #86,144.

CNN and Piers Morgan changed the narrative.

Gannet, a MSM newpaper company, tried to change the narrative back.  They published the addresses of every gun owner in Rockland and Westchester counties.   You can read more about this story at IOTW.

Some see this as an invite to criminals who would like to steal guns - like that loon in CT did a few weeks ago.  Remember?

Others see this as an invite to burglars who don't want to be shot, as they now know which houses do not have an armed resident.

We suspect no crime will be committed based on this story, as criminals mostly come from Democrat-voting demographics which are often described as lazy, disinclined to action, and slow moving.  Like voting, unless there is a bus to take them to the suburb to commit their crime, they won't go.

Read more about Gannet's prank pseudo-journalism in Jeannie DeAngelis' American Thinker article.

Gannet changed the narrative.

Not to be outdone, IOTW reports that the names and addresses of the Gannet workers have now been published by NewRochelletalk.  They even share the Zillow address and photo of editor Jan Hasson's house!  Jan being the person who originally published the names and addresses of the gun owners.

No doubt Jan is upset about this.

And guess what?   The narrative changes again.

And now the BBC reports that doctors have called for the confiscation of kitchen knives.

The BBC changed the narrative.

Some old dried up hag in California has come out for handgun control today.  A sitting US senator and concealed-weapons permit holder, Diane Feinstein, insists all handguns be registered and all handgun owners be fingerprinted.  This is a desperate attempt to regain the narrative. 

Historians, and members of the gun culture, will tell you that registration precedes confiscation.

She doesn't have the votes in the Senate.  She doesn't have the votes in Congress.  And she doesn't care about doing anything to stop the murder of American children.  Diane Feinstein is just a sad clown in this new change-the-narrative circus.

Diane Feinstein has failed to restore the narrative.

Had the members of America's gun culture been in charge of the narrative, we'd be in the solutions phase right now rather than in the circus/noise above.

Each and every special little child who had been butchered by that mad-man would be first and foremost in the discussion.  Their safety.  Their surroundings.  The adults who could have made a difference had CT been more honest about firearm statistics.  We'd be more honest about the 20-minute response rate of that town's police - brutally honest.  And there would be serious discussion on the handling of society's mentally ill.

Our narrative would expose the fact that there are adults everywhere who WILL take responsibility for the defense of innocents - even if it means losing their own life in the process.

Just give them a chance.

Meet the Gun Culture, YouTuber MrColionNoir:

This man speaks for me.

UPDATED 12.28 7am:

 BFH at IOTW has suggested some more (6 total) map ideas for Gannet.  Why just map the gun owners when you can violate the privacy of so many more? 

Here is one:

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