Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Afternoon Cigar

Happy New Year to the Ushanka-wearing masses! May you re-unite in 2011 with the same revolutionary vigor that you brought to the 2010 mid-term elections!

Global warming is hit and miss. Just ask Al Gore. We've been below freezing for weeks here in Southern Ohio, yet today we melted off the last of our snow in 63-degree bliss. We couldn't just celebrate with one cigar!

The Rocky Patel Sun Grown was the obvious choice for the first cigar in over a month.

The mild Santa Damiana was a reliable 2nd.

We puffed as we continued reading President Bush's Decision Points. A look into this man's decision-making approach makes us proud that we never fell for that pseudo-intellectual liberal bulls**t of finding it fashionable to criticize this man as other so-called conservatives have done the past few years. We see the same commie influences happening with Gov. Palin and we weep for this country if it takes hold. These are principled, experienced, and yes - flawed - leaders with a conservative streak. But to spend effort to find fault with a spending program or a quick-witted swipe at Michelle Obama's obesity debacle is to take time away from educating people on the outright fraud of "shovel-ready" trillion-dollar programs, nationalization of auto companies, student loan programs and healthcare. This is criminal. The liberals progressives communists in the DNC are destroying as much of America as they can as fast as they can. Yet some of us can't resist the impulse to bash the former president? Don't get me started.

What is interesting in this book so far (we are half way through) is what decisions he chooses to write about. There isn't a chapter on tax-cuts. Was that a tough decision, or was it a no-brainer? There is no chapter about if America should go to war after 9-11. Instead, he explains the long and tough decisions around selecting a VP in 2000, and choosing a path with Stem Cells that preserves life yet brings the maximum benefit to science. His dedication to problem-solving and his long-term outlook is clear, and time will show that we will miss his leadership more and more each year.

Another thing is clear - we won't see a book from the current White House resident like this. What would it be called: The audacity of passing the buck? Dreams of 12% unemployment? Responding to crisis with another vacation?

We'll get back into our studies of Communism after this, so stay tuned for more comparisons of commie history with Commie Obama.

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