Thursday, December 09, 2010

Unintended Consequences

Or the longer title: things that we have to pay to fix after liberals screw things up with grand ideas and inept planning, research and execution.

Two items found at Intstapundit:

Video: Unintended Consequences from the folks at Reason:

This topic could be made into a 2-hour documentary film.

And related, the sad story of Canadian Marlene Stephens who died in an Emergency Room after complaining of breathing problems for 90 minutes. We've read many similar stories from Canada and the UK. It appears there are some unintended consequences to universal government health care. We noticed two things about this story and anticipate these in future US stories:

1) Read the article and notice that the government official refers to stats, trends and money spent. The fact with universal health care is simple: the individual is subordinate to the government.

2) and the quote at the end by the victim's mother: "This should not be happening in Canada."

Speaking of "should"... we wonder what Captain Hindsight would say about Universal Health Care.

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