Friday, December 17, 2010

Our Dear Leader Hears Us Now

Congratulations to the current Republicans and those entering the House next month. Your message was received.

Today Obama signed tax cuts, tax breaks an extension of the BUSH tax rates. Ha!

Spin it all you want. Smile for the camera, oh Dear Leader. Revel in the goodness that is you helping me.

We know what happened. The Republicans pinned you down big time.

You were given a choice:
1) Take a modest bill, as is. Force your fellow lefties in Congress to do the same.
2) Or, play your silly games and we'll meet back in January for a real cool bill.

Very nicely done.

Obama and his commissars are thinking they dodged a bullet today. They think you think they made this happen and that they delivered the bi-partisan victory that went missing during the Stimulus, Auto-Takeover, Student Loan Takeover, and the Universal Health Care redistribution/reparation grabs of the past 2 years. Too many voters know better.

Conservatism won today. It can win every day of the next Congress and should. We'll be watching.


To those pissed about this - thanks to you too. You're complaining gave the Republicans the credibility behind the threat. Had Rush, Sarah and others not complained, the commies might have tried to negotiate or sabotaged the bill - only hurting Americans in the process.

We hope you've come to peace about the BUSH tax rate extensions. They were extended when the Republicans were a significant minority in Congress.

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