Saturday, December 04, 2010

Not Enough Champions

Gateway Pundit offers this video and an updated deficit chart. We made it to 0:40 seconds before turning it off, so pardon us if she says something brilliant after that point.

Obama promised change and he delivered. The change was that liberals progressives communists in the Democrat Party were going tochange from Tax & Spend to Spend & Tax. Ta Da!

They changed the means, but the ends remain the same: Bankrupt America, and from the ashes establish a communist utopia.

Why not spend money we don't have, then go to the producers in the country and demand that they pay the bill? This might seem criminal to non-criminals, but to be fair, a lot of those producers voted for change in 2008.

The pounding at the polls last month didn't take. Ok. There is more where that came from.

Found through our absolute favorite blog, selfless marketers of our sexy Commie Obama hat: I Own The World. Post Title: Lying Scrunt.

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