Sunday, November 28, 2010

Commie Movies - Oh Boy!

As you can see in our Cinema section to the left, there are not a lot of videos to search from when you're in the mood for tyrannical entertainment or (re-)education.

Van Helsing at MoonBattery has a post announcing a few new movies coming our way: Anticommunist Movies Break Through Hollywood's Iron Curtain

It would be good news to hear that Tinseltown cares more about making a buck than ramrodding moonbattery down our throats. Still better is the news that this isn't necessarily mercenary pandering. Even art films are turning on the commies.
The documentary format Michael Moore exploited to attack America and economic freedom is being used to promote liberty and shine a light on the horrors of socialism.

The list from his post - Recent Past:

Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull
Salt (We saw this - excellent!)
Mao's Last Dancer

Coming Soon:

Earth Defense Force
The Reluctant Communist (assuming foreign, as our local commies aren't reluctant!)
Red Dawn (the remake with the ChiComs as the bullet-stoppers)
Disco and Atomic War
Tibet in Song
Enemy of the People
The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu
The Red Chapel
The Ditch

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