Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Night Cigar

We smoked a Camacho SLR in honor of our soldiers on this Veteran's Day.

We found the hat on parade at English Russia. Pics are from a recent 1941 Red Square re-enactment. If you'll recall, Moscow was a tense place to be in November 1941. Stalin was about to flee the city as the Germans came a-knock'in, but in a rare show of leadership he chose to stay. It may have been the reason the USSR defenses held. That and the abhorent manner in which the USSR deployed their forces.

Here is another hat. This is the US Army Ranger beret of the 75th Rangers. It is fitting on a day like this to post this hat. We had the honor of training with Rangers at Fort Benning many years ago. It is our belief that if the libs trash every other element of our military, if a Ranger Battalion is still intact, the US is secure.

And here is an old gem we've posted before:

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