Friday, November 05, 2010

Gun Numbers

Author and Blogger John Lott has the Facebook numbers of gun-rights and gun-control groups.

Gun Rights
NRA - 575,000
Gun Owners of America - 41,000
Second Amendment Foundation - 3,596

American Hunters and Shooters - 13
Americans for Gun Safety - 4
Brady Campaign - 9,998
Freedom States Alliance - 44
Violence Policy Center - 0

Our advice for the Gun Control groups is to go viral!! (warning - adult language)

As for actual membership numbers, we last heard the NRA has about 4 million members. That's about 96 million shy of the total number of gun owners in America. That isn't the NRA's fault. That is the fault of the 96 million who take their rights for granted. Shame on them.

It doesn't matter if the election map is blue or red. it doesn't matter if you own a firearm or not. These rights are YOUR last protection against tyranny. Period.

Join the NRA here! Do it now!

Pic from Oleg Volk

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