Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Violence from the Left

It is being predicted by some and encouraged by others. Some links we've found on the subject:

The Blaze: A Glenn Beck 19min video on the coming-out of radicals and their agenda.

Weasel Zippers: MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan and Lefty Guest Ted Rall Agree: Violent Revolution by The Left Might be Necessary…

Doug Ross: Wealthy, Coddled, Socialist Comic Book Author Calls for Violent Socialist Revolution

The only way the Left would succeed at this is by top-down government action. We've long believed there are no independent groups (Black Panthers, SEIU, CPUSA, etc.) capable of sustained and organized violence aimed at the Right.

While we conservatives suffer as our political opponents are dispersed among us at work and in our neighborhoods, so too are the pinko commies surrounded by their opponents.

We agree with Glenn that this is just talk with the hope that someone with a Gaston flag bumper sticker will act first and complete the narrative that conservatives are violent. We suspect if the Left starts something, however, the Right will be seen as violent as we expect the Right to finish whatever the Left starts.

They have to learn how to fight first.

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