Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hat News


A Commie Obama hat was seen going through a TSA checkpoint. A picture may exist, and may leak shortly at either Wikileaks or Stay tuned!

Radio personality Mitch Berg is the latest celebrity hat owner. He wore his new hat and new TSA gloves as he interviewed Ushanka-owner and comedian Tammy Nerby today on his show at Northern Alliance Radio Network. Mitch's partner on the set, HotAir blogger Ed Morrissey (below), has been a hat owner since February 2008!

Today's Video Archive Go to 1:28 mark.

Just over 4 hours are left in the contest of 2010.

I Own The World has partnered with the Commie Obama hat team over the past few weeks to get hats on as many patriots, and under as many Christmas trees, as possible. Over 540 entries already in the contest to give an Indian name to a political personality.

Some gems include: Bill Clinton – Dances with Interns, Bill Clinton – Great Stainmaker, Helen Thomas – Face That Stops Clocks, Rachel Maddow – Boy of no sack, and Mooshelle-Heap Bigum Ass. Go now to win a hat. Good Luck!

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