Sunday, December 05, 2010

Savage & Our Food Supply

Found at MoonBattery:

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I am convinced that Obama is a rather nice person, as was Pol Pot of Cambodia.
The 3.3 million killed in the Soviet Ukraine were killed not by Hitler but by Stalin, and the Ukrainians that died in the famine of 1933, that followed Stalin's destructive collectivization of the farms. The farms. The farms.

Now Obama has not collectivized the United States' farms for better production, comma, yet, period. But he has taken over General Motors. He has nationalized the health care system.

Do you think it is beyond this man to nationalize agriculture in the United States of America?

I would say that this transformational dupe that we have in the White House is capable of anything.

Any libs out there want to challenge this thinking? This connecting of world history with our current situation?

Any bedwetters want to bleat about how calling Obama a socialist hurts the nation's political discourse, poisons all opportunities to find common ground and is the reason, rather than the DNC and Obama, that we find ourselves in today's uncertain times?

Our Comments are wide open for endless blather. Have at it.

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