Monday, October 18, 2010

Agenda: The DVD

Tonight we are watching Agenda: Grinding America Down. Recommended by NewZeal blogger Trevor Loudon, who is one of the 16 interviewed in the program.

Trevor will be speaking this Thursday at the National Press Club in DC. Cliff Kincaid and his America's Survival, Inc. will be hosting a full day conference, Marxism in America.

Did you ever think you'd hear a conference called by such a name?

We won't be attending as we have family obligations. But our hat will be there, and some of the brightest minds will be there. And we'll be stronger on Friday than we are today.

As for the Agenda DVD, we can't say enough about it. We'll be loaning it to our fellow rabid anti-communists in the coming days. Then we'll watch it again.

We highly recommend it.

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conservative cowgirl said...

Oh, what a surprise. Our local library (leftrary) does not have a a copy of that movie.