Friday, October 29, 2010

Project Vote Smart

Ten points on use of current Internet technologies, maybe a "4" on information. It appears only national-level candidates are listed, and its inferred non-partisanness is in question. Who would post a site of candidates in an objective apples-to-apples comparison? Is there one person left who doesn't have a political preference?

Project Vote Smart

Our zip code showed Democrat candidates with stated positions, where the Republican candidates had inferred positions. So all candidates' offices were asked to state their positions and only the Dems replied? Again, all inferred.

And we are always suspicious of products or services that tell you that you are "smart" if you use them.

The site did nothing for this tea partying hat-maker as we know how we'll vote in the national races. Where we could use some help is in the State and Local races. That is where we turn to our local tea party site:

Cincinnati Tea Party

Again - cool on the use of AJAX technologies.

Found at IOTW.

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