Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Redistribution of History

D - for Desperate.

Remember when we were "shooting up cops" after Obama was elected?

Those were some crazy days for us right-wingers!

Luckily, the Tea Party movement gave us a more respectable outlet for our emotions and we stopped 'humping our right wing extremist legs'!

This dweeb started what is now one of the top 2-3 liberal progressive communist blogs. He speaks with the voice of thousands of Americans who, for example, oppose Bush wiretaps of International calls and equally support Obama's wiretaps of Domestic calls.

As the Waco Kid would say: "You know. Morons."

They are the envy party as we are the tea party. They are the takers, and we the makers. They re-write history, and we'll be making it on November 2nd.

U/T: Naked Emperor News

PS: I want to be reincarnated as a bully. The tolerance/PC crap that has infiltrated our schools has led to a serious lack of ass-whoopings, which in turn has led to a serious surplus of.... you know... Morons.

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