Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Dear Leader Speaks

Our Dear Leader, Barack Obama, sent us an email today!

Imagine our surprise - we didn't know he was back from vacation!

Karl --

We all have a choice to make in the next seven days.

It's not just a choice to vote, or a choice to knock on one more door, make one more call, talk to one more voter.

Together, the choice we must make is to continue what we started.

The outcome of this election will determine not just who holds power in the halls of Congress. The decision we make in this election is going to set the direction of this country for years to come.

I need you fired up in Ushanka.us.

Karl, I need you to give it everything you got. And I need your help to power our work until we reach that finish line.

Organizing for America is running the most ambitious get-out-the-vote program ever attempted in an election like this. Every dollar you can give today will be put right to work to get our message out, to provide the tools our volunteers need.

And every donation will be doubled because it will be matched by another supporter who is giving what he or she can afford.

He continues, but we're too busy looking for a job to read it.

Or knock on one more door.

Or make one more call.

Or talk to one more voter.

And just like Bite Me, he over-prices his Hope & Change with the request for $3.

Sir, you are asking too much!

Pics found at Doug Ross.

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