Monday, October 11, 2010

Can I Play Through? UPDATED

It took a week, but we finally stopped laughing long enough to get this post out. Started by MoonBattery (top pic), then carried on by Doug Ross and IOTW (bottom pic).

MoonBattery: Obama Vacation Photos
IOTW: Tin Ear Alley
IOTW: Gotta Break 100
IOTW: He Puts the Bi in Bicycle
IOTW: Joining the Fun
Doug Ross: I Seriously Cannot Stop
Doug Ross: 10 New Obama Depression Photos
Doug Ross: O-Pression
MoonBattery: More Obama Vacation Photos

Can you imagine a world where we had two equally authentic ideologies?

An IOTW, Doug Ross or MoonBattery on the other side producing this quality material? Instead, we have a lazy bunch of people who want everything for free whose contribution to the graphic debate is drawing a Hitler mustache on Bush.

We have it easy, yet 44% somehow still think this guy is doing a good job.

UPDATED 10.14 10pm:
Doug has more: More O-Pression

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