Friday, October 15, 2010


The Depression images keep coming. This time in a video we found at MoonBattery:

One almost forgets how bad things were the previous 8 years of Republican rule.... "The Lost Decade" they call it.

And not linked in any way whatsoever, New Zeal points us to the $18 DVD, AGENDA: Grinding America Down. If Trevor "can't recommend it enough", then neither can we. We just ordered ours!

And there is that hammer and sickle image again!

Here we are two weeks before the election, and the Dems are already explaining their defeat: They didn't do well at PR.

If we were a Dem, we'd jump off a cliff take a shower kick our fellow libs in the ass and say "WE HAVE TWO F***ING WEEKS TO DO PR! GET OFF YOUR ASSES!"

1) Why is it too late to address the rise in Hammer and Sickle sightings?

2) Why wave the white flag?

Answers in the comments...

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Karl said...

1) Why the rise in Hammer and Sickle sightings?

In every action or inaction by the ruling Democrats, they have made the exact same decisions that Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot or Castro would have made in the exact same environment with the exact same Constitutional constraints.

2) Why wave the white flag?

It is the only flag the Dems have.