Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ah, that dreaded question, "Why?". It requires critical thought, and critical thought is absent on the left.

We are posting headlines daily to Ushanka.us that demonstrate the media's bias-induced ignorance as to how - 4+ weeks before the election - they know the Democrats will lose big. Yet not one story addresses the "Why?".

Instead we get:
The Party In Power Always Loses the Midterm
Voters Have Lost Interest
It Is An Anti-Incumbancy Mood
Race Expected To Play Part in Democrat Defeat
Blah Blah Blah

So another dilemma has developed: dropping circulation rates of America's newspapers. We ask: Why?

Sure, the Internet is taking its toll, giving ad buyers more options. But has that ever been a reason a subscriber calls to cancel? Ever?

And if not, Why?

In truth, the MSM has encouraged liberalism at every turn. And when liberalism finally occurred, subscribers were out of work and were cutting their subscriptions and other frivolous expenses to make rent.

MSM - you brought this on yourselves because you cannot ask "Why?". It is that simple.

Image above taken from Media Life Magazine story.

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