Monday, October 18, 2010

Clinging in California

Even though we were politically naive in 1992, ignorant of terms "conservative" or "liberal", we still had a sense of common decency.

That is why we remember what Barbara Boxer said at UCLA that election year.

She stood on the stage with Dianne Feinstein and said the following: "Do you know why you should vote for us in November? Because we have boobs!"

We weren't there. We read that in the Los Angeles Times, the paper that endorsed both Democrat Senate candidates and the future impeached Bill Clinton. We cancelled our subscription shortly thereafter.

So what is more inappropriate? Boxer's statement, Feinstein allowing herself to be associated with Boxer's statement, the LA Times embrace of Boxer's statement, or the cartoon above?

People will have you believe in today's Dem-losing environment that things were 'better' back 'then'. Not in California.

So we're scanning the 100's of headlines as we do each day for this site's home page, and we find this Reuters headline: Democrats Cling to Narrow Lead in California.

It was the word "cling" in the headline that caught our eye, but it was the photo that gave us a reason to skip lunch. How did that picture get past the biased screeners. Are they putting Boxer out to pasture?

You'd think Pelosi would share her Botox contacts with her fellow California Democrat.

Here are some of our endorsements, two of which are proud owners of our Commie Obama Rally Cap!

There. Now we can think about food again.

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