Saturday, August 21, 2010

A note from a parent

At Doubleplusundead:

Instead of hiding, I'll admit to something. Yesterday was my daughter's first day of Kindergarten. And as I stood in line with her to enter school, I saw the tiny little thing that I used to be able to hold on my lap walk into the future. I saw the most precious and valuable gift ever given to me set forth on a journey that will lead to (hopefully) a lifetime of happiness and enjoyment. And I saw the future walk into a classroom with a backpack bigger than her, and I thought about her future. And I was and am worried.

Yes, I am worried. What kind of future will she have? And I became angry. I became angry at those who wish to ruin her future. And I began to let the hate grow. Yes, the hate for those who wish to make her life more difficult than what I had. Not hate for an ethnic or other group, but hate for an idea, since people can change their views. And the idea I hate is liberalism. I confess, I hate. I hate those who want to advance an agenda that ruins the today, the tomorrow, and the tomorrow's tomorrow. And to them, I wish them the following:

Get fucked.

It gets better.

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