Thursday, August 19, 2010

He Died a Free Man

This just in... from the Economist:

Apparently, while taking part in exercises from North Korea’s Uiji airbase, close to the Chinese border, the fighter pilot decided to take a detour. Most probably the flight that killed him was a bold attempt at defection.
Since China has an agreement with North Korea to return defectors, it seems likely that this pilot was trying to reach Mongolia or even Russia, perhaps to request asylum there. Whatever his grievances in life, it seems that the North’s lack of resources was his undoing in the end; aviation analysts are speculating that the plane was brought down either by a lack of fuel, or by faulty parts.

How bad must things be to flee a place that offers free healthcare and compassionate leadership? A place of both Hope and Change, where all is fair and everything is equal.

On a serious note - were the training operations in preparation for some form of the threatened retaliation for US-ROK joint exercises going on at the moment?

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