Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Normally careful to dance around labeling Obama as a commie, Rush came close on Tuesday.

So now we have this story, "Obama's Economic Team is Exhausted." Why? They didn't even have to come up with the idea. Karl Marx did all the heavy lifting here. There's no innovation in this theory. It's all from the communist manifesto. It's all from the socialists. They haven't had to do anything but try to implement it. What's so damn hard? They haven't had to think of anything. They haven't had to theorize. Seriously, what's the hard work here? What's the Council of Economic Advisors doing? Are they sweating out the fact it's not getting any better? Are they celebrating it's not getting any better? Where is the hard work? What is it they've done that's causing so much stress that they're now having to leave? I mean it's gotta be exhausting all the time. Recalibrating for the optics, like they have to do, conjuring up images, working the media, telling them how to spin disaster into prosperity. If that's what they're doing, then maybe we could say they're working hard. But they're not working hard on the economics. They're just following the blueprint of Karl Marx.

But Rush! But Rush! Are you calling our president a communist??

His wedding pics are now posted up at Facebook. Congrats Rush!

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