Thursday, August 19, 2010

Monster Mosque Mash-Up - UPDATED X2

Should a blog like this one even weigh-in on the NY Mosque issue?

Honestly, our opinion on the matter contains more 4-letter words than any other right-winger site on the Internet. To post our thoughts would bring the full wrath of the Obama Administration: Eric Holder, FCC, Loser Czar #1 to Loser Czar #141. And for good reason.

So, imagine the most spittle-flying, profanity-laced run-on-sentence tirade that would go a little something like this:

Or, join us as we link to, and quote from, some more reasoned rightwing folks (aka the New Media):

Audio (1:14) of Speaker Nancy Pelosi today calling for an investigation of those opposing the Mosque. Where is the snitch repository when you need it?! Credits to SondraK and WeaselZippers.

Top Dem Senator "breaking with Obama" on Mosque. (0:17) Credit to Sweetness & Light, who ask:

How do we know if Mr. Reid is actually ‘breaking’ with Obama? Has Mr. Obama issued an official fatwa? Last we heard, he was for freedom of religion, but he refused to opinion on the wisdom of building the mosque.

Doug Ross has an "observant tipster [who] notes that [Mayor] Bloomberg's namesake news service has a significant financial interest in keeping those of Middle Eastern heritage happy."

Remember the previous mayor? Didn't he turn down a $10 million donation from a Saudi after 9-11? File this under "Change", we suppose.

Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin's site offers some links to the President's speech where he mentioned the Mosque. A good questions:

Obama has no problem telling Israel they shouldn’t build apartments in East Jerusalem, but he’s withholding his opinion on the wisdom of constructing a mosque next to where Islamofascists murdered thousands in the country of which he’s president?

Rush led his Wednesday show with the Mosque topic:

You realize, my friends, that the partisan political operative media from Eugene Robinson in the Washington Post to Maureen Dowd are begging George W. Bush to get involved in the mosque issue to save Obama. I'm not kidding. They want Bush 'cause he's got credibility on this. They want Bush to bring out the megaphone again and come out in support of the mosque to bail Obama out. I'm watching MessNBC today and they got all these experts on there saying, "The Republican Party better not overreach on the mosque business." And then Pelosi, right out of Joe Stalin's playbook, "Investigate the funding of the people who oppose the mosque." What we need to start funding is an investigation of Pelosi to get her out of the House of Representatives. This is unreal. Let's investigate the 9/11 families. Let's do that. Right on, that's exactly what we should do, and let's investigate the Tea Party.

Noah O'Donnel at state controlled MSNBC does her part to switch the villan here from terrorists and terrorist-sympathizers to those who oppose the Mosque by... wait for it... equating the two! Ya, those who oppose it are no better than those who flew the jets into the buildings that day. Only on MSNBC. Found at Weasel Zippers.

Photo from AIP. Cartoon found at Townhall.

Updated with Michael Ramirez cartoon, found at SondraK, and with Bob's rant.

UPDATE: 4:30pm

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf's comments re: 9-11:

New Rita W. Jones music video: Salt in the wounds:

More Ushanka Tips to Weasel Zippers and NiceDeb.

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Anonymous said...

[saw this just now on web - Bart]

'Madam' Nancy Pelosi's Brothel

The real 'Madam' in Washington DeCeased wants to investigate law-abiding citizens who oppose the Ground Zero mosque!
This is Pelosi's way to muddy the waters and draw attention away from her Marxist comrades with their criminal bent.
What she really wants to divert attention away from is the literal sex brothel she's sworn to protect and defend in her San Francisco district!
Think I'm kidding? Just Google "Madam Nancy Pelosi's brothel district" which is in the latest version of "Imam Bloomberg's Sharia Mosque."
Nancy reminds me of an Egyptian travel poster: SEE NILE!

A Kansas Patriot (who won FIRST PLACE in a nationwide Americanism Essay Contest !)