Monday, August 30, 2010

Nazis Bad, Commies Good?

Trevor at NewZeal posts a good 8-minute segment from The Soviet Story film that covers the common traits of Communism and Hitler's Fascism.

We blame the Liberal Progressive Communist Public School System for not teaching the history.

The heads of mush that emerge from the system know that Germany fought USSR, so therefore they had opposing systems.

And since we all know the Nazi's were 'bad', therefore the Communists were 'good'.

And since the Liberal Progressive Communist FDR allied with the USSR in the Great Patriotic War, that diplomatic gaff led to a century of USSR legitimacy that was never earned.

But as we know more than ever before, Liberals Progressive Communist Democrats cannot convey legitimacy for the very fact that they have none to convey.

Want to argue this point? Just give an example of a policy from these dolts that succeeded without harming others. We won't hold our breath...

NiceDeb has a related post with an old clip from a Rachel Maddow show this morning - also 8 minutes. NiceDeb asks: "Can we call them Dem Socialists Now?"

Also related - a 2-minute clip from The Soviet Story that answers the question: "Who first advocated racial Genocide? The Nazis or the Commies?

To sum it up: The main common trait shared by both Communists and National Socialists is their enthusiasm for Moral Nihilism. In short, the desired elimination of religious and traditional family values.

See any of that happening today?

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