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Gabrielle Giffords

Democrat Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot this morning in her Tucson district.

We are coming late to this news and it is still unfolding. She was reported killed, but that was retracted and we understand she's out of surgery and expected to survive. Current news says 5 were killed including a Federal Judge.

Of several dozen sites we scanned, Doug Ross' site is the best at the moment for updates and research. Here is a picture of the Congresswoman with her Astronaut husband that Doug posted:

As any regular Ushanka reader knows, when innocent people are killed, we immediately suspect someone with Communist Inspirations. Remember, it was a KGB-trained ex-Marine who murdered JFK.

It is FAR too early to get a read on this, but guess what we've found in such a short span:

The shooter is Jarod Laughner. He is alive. Doug says he was born September 1988, so 22 years old.

Doug posted, and we found through another source, Jared's YouTube account where he has five videos posted. At least three are videos of white text on a black background. His "Introduction" video has this quote:

In conclusion, reading the second United States Constitution, I can't trust the current government because of the ratifications: The government is implying mind control and brainwash on the people by controlling grammar.

No! I won't pay debt with a currency that's not backed by gold and silver!

No! I won't trust in God!

Forgive us for attending public school, but we only remember learning about one Constitution. Did we sleep in the class where they discussed the 2nd?

The text also mentions a military recruitment center and the date December 2010. Did Jared join our armed forces? It sounded like it.

So, who is this Jared? We scrolled down to the YouTube profile section:

His favorite books include Animal Farm! That is one of ours too, as you see in the left section of this page. Hmmm, what else? Communist Manifesto? We too have read this! A picture is emerging, and it is starting to look a lot like this humble hat maker!

If only we could know if he too found Animal Farm a warning to free people and the Manifesto as sloppy envy-filled drivel written by a bum living rent-free off his friend in Germany like some 19th Century blogger living in his Mom's basement. Is this Jared's take on these two tomes? Maybe the color of his YouTube profile page could guide us...

Let's dig a little deeper. Ah, here is a picture posted by Doug of our young assassin:

Let's keep digging...

Ah! A post by BoyBlue was removed from DailyKos shortly after the shooting today. Hmmm... Isn't that the blog where our political opponents - the Communist Inspired we call them - thrive? What did BoyBlue want to write about? Lucky for us, YouTuber Vedicastol captured the post in a video:

So, BoyBlue says Congresswoman Giffords is "dead to me" because she voted against Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader this past week. And BoyBlue is gay. Which means nothing. Yet maybe it does. But if it did we couldn't talk about it. Or wouldn't talk about it.

But Jared is gay.

But we don't know if they are the same. Yet.

The poor DailyKos servers! They are working overtime today with posts reminding people that Arizona is a concealed carry state where low-brow teabaggers can carry weapons where ever they want. (A quick scan did not find any mention that Arizona is one of 40+ states with such laws. That wouldn't fit the template...) So, it appears some are now looking to political point-scoring over a shooting that just happened. And it would appear that this maneuvering has started on the left and only met its match in our post now.

As for political points - Michelle Malkin finds some on the left who were stirred to action by this shooting. Political action that is.

As the dust settles, we expect the gun-controllers, the Democrats, and the [empty] talking heads to make some serious noise in coming days. We'll stand watch to report violations or incorrect interpretations of the first Constitution.

UPDATE: We have a correction. Michelle Malkin reports that DailyKos BoyBlue is not Jared. BoyBlue, another gay person, which has no relevance to this story, only contributed to the hate speech on the left that no doubt inspired and emboldened Jared.


Still a lot of confusing information out there: Was Jared working alone, or was there another? Also, the MSM calls Giffords a Blue Dog Democrat, yet they are also reporting she voted for Obama's Universal Health Care. We'll keep an eye on these inconsistencies.

Some crystal-clear info since our last post:

Paul Krugman and DailyKos founder both project the liberal line. Doug Ross.

IOTW has more on Krugman's blame of the Tea Party.

Traitor Jane Fonda blames Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Weaselzippers.

A classmate of Jared's speaks out: "left wing", "reclusive", "quite liberal", "obsessed", "pot head", and "dropped out". IOTW.

Jared likes to burn the US flag. Video at Moonbattery.

Maps with targets have a history beyond Sarah Palin. VerumSerum.

We scanned about a dozen gun blogs for reaction from the gun community. Only one had a post on the event. "there is one person, and one person alone, who is directly and solely responsible for this attack and these murders (so far as we know at the moment) – the individual who pulled the trigger and killed and wounded all those people. Any attempts to use this incident to castigate any group or organization is a failure before it even starts, and disgusting to boot." WallsOfTheCity.

UPDATE 1.9 11am

It has started.

First, NPR's headline: Giffords: A Centrist, A Fighter, A Public Servant.

These MSM'ers never liked a Centrist with a "D" next to their name before. Why now?

What has been buried in nearly every article on this topic in the past day has now made it to the Headline. Giffords is "A Centrist". A Moderate. A former Republican. Pro-Gun.

This lady just got shot. She is fighting for her life. And the soulless ghouls in the MSM are pushing this theme. Why?

First - they can't help themselves. They are journalists second, and partisan operatives of the left first. It comes natural for the MSM to view all events through a political prism. For many, we suspect, their confused hearts are in the right place. But is there more behind this trend? Is there a new JournoList chartroom somewhere where this language is being promoted? That is how they operated before they were caught...

The goals we suspect that are behind this theme to push Giffords as a Moderate:
1) Bring everyone on board with the disgust of the tragedy,
2) Distract from the fact that a like-minded liberal progressive communist is the one who did the shooting, and
3) To enter the coming gun-control legislation, named after Giffords in a favorable and sympathetic public environment.

To that gun-control end, here is a comment from Huffington Post article, With all those guns out there ...the Tucson tragedy won't be the last...

We have lived here in southern Arizona since 1996, with a three-year break when we returned to North Carolina. And as we went to bed last night, I said to Carole, " think about all the times during our over 40 years of marriage that we have turned on the television because someone in the United States has shot a politician."

And with all of those guns out there, floating around everywhere, it probably won't be the last time.

Just think, Carole!

'Here we go. I'm going to turn on the TV. Let's see which politician was shot today!'

The author did not suggest expelling all communist-leaning libs or Islamic jihadists from the US. No critical thought as to the patterns in US assassination history or an actual solution.

And guns just "floating around"? Wasn't it these same people telling us that these guns were 'floating down to Mexico' just a few weeks ago?

UPDATE 1.9 9pm The Communist Party USA has weighed in:

In the hours after the shooting, some right wing elements seem to have created fake social networking pages in order to associate Loughner with the Left. The full story about the mental state and political motivations for the shooter will hopefully come to light soon. The attempt to paint this suspect as a leftist continues the far-right's use of anti-communism and anti-democratic rhetoric to cover-up their own role in continuing the hate until its logical violent conclusion.

It was Giffords father, 75-year-old Spencer Giffords, who wept when asked if his 40-year-old daughter had any enemies, and answered, "Yeah," to The New York Post, "The whole tea party."

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