Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt - Post #1

We're still getting our hands around what is going on in Egypt.

We are always pro-democracy, always pro-freedom - and at all costs. But is that what this is about? We hear a lot of "Allah Akbar" in the videos of the protesters. Maybe there are freedom-loving people who yell "Allah Akbar" as they destroy private property, attack police and soldiers, and mass in public areas. That just hasn't been the norm of late.

Condi set the standard for Secretary of State, and just about every role she's held in and out of government. She speaks the truth in the video below regarding freedom, democracy, about hard choices. If there were to be an issue where we would disagree with her, we'd hesitate and gather more information before making our case. That is what we are going to do on this Egypt situation.

While we hold our thoughts on the events in Egypt, let us address one area where we have the facts. Obama's Axelrod has come out with his commie revisionism to say that Obama has seen this coming and has been actively seeking solutions for Egypt. We ask Axelrod: Has Obama had a "laser focus" on the Egypt issue as he has on jobs?

Ah, that Timeless Lesson: It is easier to fail and rewrite history than to lead and solve problems.

UT: Claudia at IOTW. Video from Verum Serum.

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