Monday, January 24, 2011

State Of The Union Primer UPDATED

Commies are all about presentation.

Lenin called for a New Economic Policy in 1921 after his policies destroyed the economy. Obama will too.

If Obama calls for gun-control, he won't be the first.

If he aludes to internal enemies as the reason his policies have failed, recall what followed the Kirov murder.

If he calls for defense cuts, he's asking you to ignore history.

And when he calls for an increase to the debt ceiling... Tell the Commie "NO".

English Russia published pictures today from Finland after the Soviet assault in WWII:

Found at NiceDeb:

Global Museum On Communism

UPDATED 1.25 10:30AM:

As you have no doubt seen, the MSM is trying to talk-up Obama by saying he is on track for staging a Clinton come-back ala-1996. If only.

Baseball Crank has a great list of factors as to why 2010 is not 1996. We like #4, which pertains to unemployment:

4) The Economy: The unemployment rate is the most obvious of numerous economic indicators showing the U.S. economy in bad shape in 2011: unemployment, as low as 4.3% when voters elected the Democrats to control Congress in November 2006, was 6.5% when Obama was elected and 8.5% when he was inaugurated, and he expended much political capital arguing that his "stimulus" package would fix this with federal spending on "shovel-ready" projects; instead it peaked at 10.6% in January 2010, and remains above 9% a year later. These are very high numbers historically; since 1960, the unemployment rate has been above 6% on election day five times, and the only time the party in power wasn't booted was 1984, when the 7.2% rate was the lowest it had been since before President Reagan took office and had plunged more than three points in two years. By contrast, the unemployment rate in 1996 was 5.4%, down from 7.4% when Bill Clinton was elected. If Obama can't make the argument that Presidents Reagan and Clinton made - that they were not only making major headway on unemployment but in better shape than they were when elected (in Reagan's case, the slight drop in unemployment was accompanied by an enormous drop in interest rates and inflation and a stock market boom) - he'll face an electorate that is much more suspicious of entrusting him with the economy for four more years.

Speaking of unemployment, here is a screenshot of our latest survey results from our home page. Maybe Obama can weigh-in on this question during his speech tonight...

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