Sunday, January 09, 2011


We are honored to have Conservative Cowgirl as one of our loyal fans, hat owner, and Comrade. She traveled to Soviet Leningrad in June 1987. She will share her experiences from that trip over the coming weeks. Today's post is the first.

I had some photos from my trip to Leningrad put on a CD and have attached one for your enjoyment. While walking around Gloriously-named Leningrad, I noticed little kiosks dotted around the city. Once in a while, they would open up and people would flock to them and stand in long lines for whatever they were selling. They would sell out and close up fast and I couldn't find out what it was in time. Finally, I spotted one getting ready to open and wanted to see what fabulous product was selling out so fast: cabbage heads. One per customer.

Cabbage Heads. Not Arugula...

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