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Washtington Post, December 22, 2010: Obama signs DADT repeal before big, emotional crowd.

Emotional? Duh. They're gay.

Our apologies for the delay in posting on this event. Thanks to Conservative Cowgirl for lighting a fire under our rear.

Having diluted Clinton's two accomplishments in 8 years - NAFTA and Welfare Reform - Obama has now reversed a Clinton-era law (not an accomplishment), the Don't Ask Don't Tell law. This law was a generalized piece of political correctness that acknowledged the damage openly gay people can have in the US military. It was an over-reaction to a couple witch-hunts that damaged the careers of several gay service members.

There is a lot of commentary on this elsewhere. We will deviate a bit to highlight two key points:

First, the Democrats in Congress voted to repeal a law that all but one active general officer said was useful in keeping a disciplined force prepared for war. And Obama signed. Remember this, and the many other events, next time a liberal progressive communist tells you the Democrats can be trusted with National Security matters.

Second, moral nihilism - the rejection of religious and traditional family values - by the left is necessary for the full communist takeover of the United States. It takes generations to achieve moral nihilism, and total control is impossible without it. The US military is ground zero in this assault, as it shows everything that is good with Americans who respect faith, self-discipline, personal responsibility, risk and hard work.

Now our $0.02:

We served with gay soldiers in the 80's and 90's. In every case, these were dedicated patriots who put service over their orientation. They were treated as equals, as the heterosexual soldiers too put service over orientation.

Yes, the military is full of young, healthy, drug-free people with hormones-a-flow'in, but the nature of the work and the structure of the environment leaves little opportunity to give a damn about the next guy's sexual interests if one even wanted to.

But there are two groups that deserve a comment: the many who choose a military career and then choose to 'out' themselves (w/ statements or behavior) for publicity, to renege on their commitment, or both. And the few people in positions of power who make an effort to 'out' gays. We'll call them the witch-hunted and the witch-hunters.

First - the many. The witch-hunted:

Each and every person you see in these pictures of poor victims of witch-hunts by bible-thumping colonels with a whole lot of extra time on their hands fits in this self-imposed victim group.

If they stand for photos in the national media, they were never in the category of 'service over orientation'. Ever. This is the many.

As for the few - the witch-hunters:

Yes, we saw the rare officer who was on some self-appointed mission to purify the masses. Someone who thought his rank was an endorsement of some unofficial task. (Ross Perot was one of these - did you know?) These guys didn't last very long. Again - it is the structure and nature of work that leaves little opportunity for harassment.

Let's think of an example. Imagine a president who, instead of focusing on jobs or national security were to take his election as a mandate to nationalize industries or go on 6 vacations in a summer. You see? Whether it's an Army Lieutenant or the President - the job is a full time job IF you just stick to the assignment. You will only fail if you take your eye off the ball. Unfortunately, the President doesn't answer to a full-time boss. He only answers to the people every four years.

So, people, how will you respond to the President ignoring his generals and the nation's security to score empty political points with a group that would have voted for his re-election anyway?

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