Monday, January 24, 2011

Hi-Cap Mania

Loser Peggy Noonan at the WSJ offered three state of the union suggestions to her dream-boy Obama this past weekend. Her article title: How to Continue the Obama Upswing.

At first we thought it was about Obama's un-employment rate "upswing". We stand corrected.

Suggestion #1: Ban Hi-Cap Magazines:

What civilian needs a pistol with a magazine that loads 33 bullets and allows you to kill that many people without even stopping to reload?

Correct logic, incorrect premise. So there are magazines sold specifically for shooting people?

Let us try drawing conclusions based on twisted logic: Peggy Noonan wants more innocent people shot. We come to this conclusion because she doesn't want to outlaw guns, nor does she call for legislation to force liberal sheriffs to do their job when faced with a loon in their jurisdiction.

Rep. Giffords would still be wounded and Judge Roll would still be dead in Peggy's world. The Glock 19 with a standard 15-round magazine, or a Clinton-era 10-round magazine, would be the same to Giffords, Roll, and the others shot with the first 15 (or 10) rounds. Peggy doesn't acknowledge this for a valid reason: she'd be admitting she is a lib-lovin loser who abandons logic and embraces emotion.

We doubt Peggy has spent an afternoon shooting with friends in the countryside or desert. We doubt she's enjoyed a helmet-less motorcycle ride on a summer day too. Assuming she lives in New York city, she'll have to imagine salt on her future meals. If she is a grandmother or aunt, she'll have to explain why the local McDonalds meals don't come with toys. Liberals. They suck.

Her next sentence touches on the real cause, but it stands alone within her lib-blather:

No one but people with bad intent.

This ban might be a winning idea. The definition of "winning" being it'll pass because Democrats hate all things guns and Republicans would likely cower from the MSM spin on such a vote. Since this was recently the law, and since it didn't impact crime in the least, it is a loser idea. It's proven. In essence, Peggy's lust for the Dear Leader has forced her to find something that he can propose that will pass. Another lib-solution for another non-problem.

Suggestion #2: Work with Republicans to fix Healthcare. Ya, the same Republicans that made history with a massive, bi-partisan full repeal vote. We're sure Obama said, "Peggy, you're an idiot. What is your third suggestion?"

Suggestion #3:

...argue for extension of the debt limit by offering a grand bargain: In return, he will work hand in hand with Republicans to cut or limit spending that can reasonably and quickly be cut or limited. This too would win support, and respect, from centrists and others.

We feel like we are back in public school now.

Didn't we see a grand bargain with Rep. Sestak during the Universal Health Care debate? He got a letter promising tax dollars wouldn't be used for abortions. A "grand bargain" that gave Obama what he wanted and screwed the other side. Sestak was stupid to accept such a deal, and we'd be surprised if the Republicans would accept this.

So, in short, one suggestion that could lead to legislation but have zero benefit for Americans, and two suggestions that will be DOA the moment Obama suggests them.

The Wall Street Journal pays Peggy for this trash. As if the rest of the MSM was falling behind...


Joe at The View From North Central Idaho opines:

If Representative Gifford and 19 others had been run over by a drunk driver there wouldn’t be talk of banning alcohol or automobiles. This country once banned most alcoholic beverages. We suffered the consequences, learned from our mistake, and repealed the laws.

If six people outside a gay bar had been killed and 14 others wounded by a group of 30 homophobes there wouldn’t be talk of banning groups of people greater than 10. That would be a clear violation of the right to association guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Even if a dozen religious fanatics murdered thousands of people in coordinated attacks on our country no serious consideration would be given to banning their religion.

Tens of millions of innocent people have been murdered by students of Karl Marx but no one is advocating a ban on the possession of his books to prevent murderous tyrants.

And Jeff at Alphecca:

Rather than try to keep firearms out of the hands of the rare, violent psychotics, they’ll just limit their firepower . . . The mutant Laughner gave off all sorts of warning signs which were shushed-away by the school he attended, the sheriff’s office, classmates, friends, etc. But let’s blame Glock and the magazine for all this.


Gibbs hinted that President Obama will talk about gun rights in his State of the Union address.

From Oleg- a picture of a hi-cap magazine for reference:

IOTW has posted a Bingo chart for the State of the Union speech.

For the record, we don't own the 33-round magazines. Too heavy and not all that fun. Orange/Yellow gun pic above from Peggy's article at WSJ.

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