Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We're Back

I spent the weekend in a First Second Amendment Zone working on my perishable skills. And no, I wasn't in Chicago.

It appears there were two big stories while I was out.  The KKK shooting in Kansas was a surprise.  Being an organization formed by and benefiting the Democrat Party, the KKK should be extinct in Kansas.  To anyone who pays attention to state-level politics, Kansas is, and always shall be, Republican.  It's the law there.  The last Democrat in Kansas, a former KKK member, is now in jail for killing three blacks Jews Christians.  Just another liberal on a killing spree...

The other story is, of course, the near miss we had in Nevada.  Like I said before, I don't compare the Bundy Ranch standoff to Ruby Ridge or Waco.  I think the better comparison is the North Bridge.  And that anniversary is coming this Saturday.  It is the second most important day in American history, second only to July 4.  I will be waving my Bedford flag.  Will you?

Here are some images, just in case you might have missed one or two of these.  I'll get back to posting substance hopefully tomorrow.

Wave to the departing feds...

There is that symbol again...

As do I!

How does a bridge support such large balls?

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