Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tam Goes Back in Time

Comrade, hat-owner and gun-blogger, Tam, obtained a copy of the September 1965 National Geographic.

She's giddy:
And before the USAF article is a seven page piece penned by none other than Curtis goddam LeMay, the very thought of which should make the average Nat Geo-subscribing fair-trade hemp-wearing SWPL choke on their half-caff latte and spray it all over their May 2014 special issue on sustainable organic agriculture. You could smell the smoke of GEN LeMay's cigar, mingled with a faint whiff of the ashes of Tokyo, coming right off the page...
My National Geographic copy is in the mail.

We'd recommend the recent book by Warren Kozak: LeMay: The Life and Wars of Curtis LeMay to anyone who wants to read about a very serious American warrior.

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