Thursday, April 17, 2014

Anyone in Congress Want to be President?

The GOP has set their standards so low, and my expectations are equally low, for 2016.

The opportunity for a congresscritter to steal the 2016 show, and earn my vote for the highest office, is simple:

Start a congressional investigation into the 
BLM's actions at the Bundy Ranch.  

Expose every detail.

Why destroy a water tank?

Why drive vehicles where endangered species are known to exist?

Why ignore the threat to the same endangered species by wild horses in Utah?

Why shoot and kill the man's cattle?

Why single-out Bundy and his family with the threat of lethal force?

How much ammo did the BLM, Park Police and others bring?

Who approved the purchase of this sign with my tax dollars?

Who requested this sign?

Why spend more in SWAT teams and a lengthy deployment than what Bundy owes?

Any takers?

UPDATED 4.18.14 5pm:

So far, only Texas Congressman Steve Stockman has my vote for President.

U/T: Comrade Donald

UPDATED 4.30.14:

Let's put Utah Congressman Chris Stewart in the running here.  He proposes disarming BLM, IRS and other federal agencies that have no business playing SWAT.

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