Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ideology Trumps Profits... Until It Doesn't

WZ reports that ABC has hired conservative talk-radio host Laura Ingram.  And the liberals progressives communists at the lib-outlet, Salon, are none too happy about it!

I scored an interview with myself:
Karl:  Karl, what is your reaction to today's news that ABC has hired a conservative?

Karl:  ABC is still on the air?  I thought they went the way of Air America and Polio, two scurges that set the human race back a bit.  Who did they hire?

Karl:  ABC hired Laura Ingram.  Heard of her?

Karl:  Sure, who hasn't?  Good for them.  That should put their viewership into a range that will attract advertisers, and maybe even save the network.

Things are changing in America's media, Karl:  Laura's new gig follows the dismissals of Martin Bashir, Piers Morgan, and Ezra Klein, the on-air resignation of Liz Wahl, and the hiring of The Volokh Conspiracy bloggers.  Apparently liberal viewers don't spend money so the media outlets need conservative viewers in order to attract paying advertisers.

By the way, one of the first political books I ever read was Laura's 2003 book, Shut Up and Sing.  She's a smart one.  And pretty.  She won't come across all shrill, smug and unappealing like that guy on MSNBC, um...

Karl:  Rachel Maddow?

Karl:  Ya.

Karl:  Does Laura own one of your Commie Obama hats?

Karl:  Not yet.

Karl:  Do you talk to yourself often?

Karl:  Sure. don't you?  Of the voices in my head however, yours is less, um...

Karl:  Crazy?

Karl:  Demanding.

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