Friday, April 11, 2014

Best Advice Re: Bundy Ranch

Advice from Western Rifle:
In Nevada, on the other hand, I sure wish some of the social-media/propaganda talent on display recently in the Ukrainian uprising was on the job. The most important oversight I can see is the absence of a clearly-designated point-of-contact for media and other inquiries.
The message?
Precisely!  How come we saw courage and teamwork against overwhelming odds in Ukraine, but we only see snippets of resistance out of Venezuela?  Answer: Social Media. 

The Zuckerbergs and Sergey Brins may be the Democrat Party's biggest donors, but they've created the platforms for freedom fighters worldwide to share their stories.  Use these tools!

I liked this image at Western Rifle:

UPDATED 5mins later...

More great advice.  This from III Percenters:
If you are considering the trip to Nevada, be certain to weigh everything.  Once you get there, you will probably not be in control of events and you may not be able to extricate yourself if stupid people take stupid (or self-serving) decisions.

If you are going to Nevada, I would urge you to use the experience to test your comms capabilities, from getting pictures, audio and video out to FreeFor, to using your HAM.  Even if you do not have your HAM licenses, this is a time and place that will allow you to set up your antenna in real-world tactical conditions.  Test your gear.
The days when these comments elicited ridicule, or were called "paranoid" by the 'elites,' are over. 

You can thank BLM's aggressive deployment of agents from Nevada and surrounding states for that.

You can further thank their chain of command who have made zero effort to reduce the tension and who have authorized the ever-increasing manpower.

If someone gets shot, will our dear leader come out with a sad look on his face and say, "He acted stupidly."?  Will he say, "There was only a smidgen of gunfire."?  Or, "If you like your First Amendment Area, you can keep it."?

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