Friday, April 18, 2014

The Consequences of Drug Legalization

Pot doesn't kill.  Pot cookies kill. 

At least one did in Denver.

The real damage of the marijuana legalization movement will go unseen for years.  You'll see it in the continued decline in society's values.  Individuals will suffer.  Families will suffer.  Society will suffer.

Liberals and Libertarians push drug legalization.  Society, as a result, slides the slippery slope away from 'the right and wrong' foundation that comes from both religious and traditional family values.


Walter Zoomie said...

You're joking, right? That dude was obviously bat-shit crazy, but a marijuana brownie didn't make him so.

Karl said...

Yes, Comrade Zoomie, it was meant as a joke to directly connect MJ to murder. I just needed an excuse to harp on values.

This got me thinking...

Nobody is going to investigate this murder in Denver and what, if any, role MJ played. But what if I ate a steak that came from Bundy's ranch in Nevada, then killed someone. Could we count on the govt to recognize the murder as my choice and not related to the meal?

Walter Zoomie said...

I figured so, cuz of my vast experience all I ever wanted to do after eating brownies was have more brownies and turn up the stereo.

Fighting and violence never crossed my mind! ;)

Karl said...

Right! No experience here, but I've heard the post-MJ mayhem usually revolves around "killing" a bag of Doritos.