Friday, April 11, 2014

Hat Owner Victory

I met Professor Mike Adams at CPAC 2008.  I had been following his Townhall column for at least two years prior.  He is a cigar smoker, gun owner, a Christian, an advocate for life, and an excellent writer of conservative issues.  After CPAC he was a hat-owner too.

The first day of CPAC that year Romney pulled out of the primary, giving the nomination to McCain.  McCain was not an exciting nominee until his VP pick later in the year.  In his CPAC speech that year Prof. Adams suggested voting for McCain for one simple reason: A vote for McCain is a vote against Socialism. 

The hat-owner was proven right.

He recently finished a 7-year court battle over his job at the University of North Carolina where he was discriminated for his Christian beliefs.  Remember, communists control academia.  And communists must dilute religious and traditional family values in order to accomplish their vision takeover.  They have been successful nearly everywhere in ridding colleges of Christians.  That their hatred of religion doesn't transfer to Islam where women and young boys are subject to rape, and over 80% of young girls face genital mutilation, is beyond me.  Maybe it is a white thing.

Anyhoo...  Prof Adams won his court case and will receive a court-ordered promotion.  It is nice to see the left lose in their home court.  We may look back and say "this is where we turned the corner."

U/T: Prof. Adams and WND

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