Saturday, April 26, 2014

In Indiana Today

The NRA Convention is in Indianapolis today.   Wayne LaPierre spoke yesterday.

There is a major disconnect in America.  There are five million NRA members.  Yet there are one hundred gun owners.  If you're one of the 95 million, can I make a suggestion to you, with all due respect?

The NRA is the only lobbying group in DC whose members do not consider themselves victims.

We are a group who have no interest in "diversity" because we do not see ourselves as a group but as individuals.

Nobody at the NRA suggests we claim minority rights in order to gain some advantage over other Americans.  The NRA stands for every American's rights, not just its dues-paying members.

These reasons are enough for Liberals Progressives Communists to hate us.  But there is one more factor that burns those commies to the bone:  NRA members are passionate.  We don't need to be bussed in by some union to rally for our cause.  70,000 NRA members are in Indianapolis today, and not one was paid to be here.

UPDATED 4.27.14:

We're back!  What a great show.  Imagine all the high-end vendors getting together to show off their products.  I saw guns, scopes, and equipment that I'll never be able to afford.

Thanks to OldNFO for setting up the blogmeet last night.  We hung out with Mr. B and MidWest Chick.  And we met a bunch of great bloggers, including:  The Shekel, Lagniappe's Lair and Slow Facts.

Sarah didn't make the blogmeet last night.  She did get a chance to speak:

1:16 mark:

...if the second ammendment goes, the rest of the Constitution is not far behind.  

If you control oil, you control an economy.  If you control money, you control commerce.  But if you control arms, you control the people.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you both at old nfo's party. I'll work on writing something up for you over the next week so you can show the rest of the story.


sth_txs said...

I'm very pro 2nd Amendment, but the NRA is a joke. If they want to do some hard core lobbying, then how about abolishing the ATF?

They 'compromise' way too much and I could not see myself supporting that organization.

Karl said...

Kerry - Great to see you too!

Sth: The NRA isn't a hard-core organization. But they are effective and robust. Don't fall for the trap of always having a reason NOT to join. Think about who benefits from that.

My suggestion is to join the NRA if you're a gun-owner, as you benefit from their work regardless of an intensity disconnect.

Then join one of the other groups that best reflects your interests and values re: guns. GOA, JPFO or SAF are all good groups.

My $0.02.