Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I think the Bundy thing is over

I think our betters, the ones who are more equal than us and who have far better tactical gear than us, will not be returning in force to the Bundy Ranch.  I base this prediction on two statements:

1) Alex Jones says "They're coming back!" and
2) Harry Reid says "It's not over."

I've learned to believe the opposite of what those two guys say.  

There are many other factors that I am purposely not considering.  And I could be wrong, although I was the first to call Obama a commie and name a hat after him...

I think these BLM/Park Police guys are those types who like to pull wings off of flies.  They're going to pick citizen targets where they can dominate.

I found this pic while clicking around today.  Another beauty!

Related, Western Rifle linked to his FANTASTIC blog post, The Pig Trap, by a taxi driver.  You've probably heard the pig trap analogy where you build a fence one side at a time and slowly trap the pigs, but this blog post goes FAR beyond that.  It is as brilliant as it is well written. 
These people are beneath contempt. Their greed, hypocrisy, and sense of entitlement are beyond appalling. We don’t have elected representatives anymore, we have elected rulers… cake, anyone…?

Maybe I’m crazy… maybe I’m paranoid… what the fuck do I know? Maybe I’m just a dumbass taxi driver that spends way too much time reading crazy websites on the Internet. My intellectual betters are already telling me that everything is fine, these problems will work themselves out after another election or two, and that a Clinton or a Bush are inevitable again, and these people know what they are doing.

Sorry… I just don’t buy it. What can not go on, will not go on. A realignment is coming to America, maybe in a year, maybe in ten years, but it is coming.

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