Sunday, February 10, 2013

When Liberals Attack

There will be more liberals on the attack in the coming months.  More school shootings.  More senseless death.

Here's why: the left has diluted religious and traditional family values for over three generations now.

They have washed the basics of manners and human dignity and respect from our culture to the point that the least stable among them are now in the news.

Why would someone who can rationalize, and ignore the evils of, abortion, affirmative action,  endless welfare and countless other failures of humanity all of a sudden decide NOT to kill someone they disagree with?  In the cases of Columbine, Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook, the losers actually tried to maximize their body count.  We need to outlaw unstable liberals.

How can we fix this?  Some are looking at the coming economic collapse of the US dollar as the solution.  End the welfare and subsidies and inefficiencies and restore the value of hard work and community.  In other words, get a job and be a part of society, or starve.  We're not sure those hopes will be met, but we are struggling with another solution to this values problem.

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U/T: Looking Spoon for the image.


 Former Army Special Forces blogger, StormBringer, comments on this strange phenomenon of tolerant, bed-wetting, murdering libs.

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Anonymous said...

Let's just call California a lost cause. We put up a big fence, and make all liberals move there. I'm sorry to my conservative friends who live there. This is for "the greater good". They can make up there own laws, marry donkeys, ban sharp objects, and force everyone to give up there citizenship. Who cares. They will be a nation unto themselves. But the must stay. They can never leave, or ask anything of the rest of us. Don't just look at it as a lost state, look at it as how many liberal states we regain. Shake-N-Bake